Hi there,

I am Christopher Wilkinson

About Me


I am a Software Engineering Student
at Queen's University, Belfast.
Currently on Industrial Placement
at Deloitte Digital.


Proficient in Java; Experienced in Python, JS and PHP.
Currently learning Groovy.


I build web apps as a hobby,
See some of my work below.


GCD Technologies - May 2018 - September 2018
Deloitte Digital - September 2018 - Present

Favourite OS



I am currently upskilling in a DevOps role. Focussing on container based deployments and orchestration using Kubernetes; package/version management with Helm and automation tools such as Jenkins.

Some tools I use

And more...


Mapping is one of my favourite hobbies. I am an Area Manager and map editor for the navigation app called Waze.


Main side project
Card image
Rooted 2: Mentoring web app

A new responsive web app for CEF Ireland. Built using the Django web framework, Bootstrap and FontAwesome.

No demo available at present.

Other projects

Slemish (Coming soon)

A new website in the works for Slemish bakery.

Trummery Swim School

A brand new website and email template, delivered using AWS SES.

Tim's Lights

Part of the team responsible for this website. Currently migrating to a self-hosted solution using a cloud service.

Maisi Dashcam GPS Data Extractor

A script written in Python to extract GPS data from a video file recorded on a Maisi dashcam and export it in a friendly GPX format.

Townland Clipper

A script written in Python that manipulates open datasets containing Irish townland geometry for better usability.

Waze Ireland WME Datasets

Relating to the Townland Clipper, this site provides files pre-built with the Townland Clipper tool.

Hosted web apps