Hi there,

I am Christopher Wilkinson

This webpage has a little bit about me, and some of my projects.

About Me

I'm a student

I am a Software Engineering Student
at Queen's University, Belfast.
Currently on Industrial Placement.

I'm a programmer

Proficient in Java; Experienced in Python and C++.
Currently learning PHP.
I'm always up for learning new languages to complete a task.

I'm a web developer

I build web apps as a hobby,
See some of my work below.

I love open source

This page is built using open source libraries (like Jekyll and Bootstrap), and hosted on open source hardware (a Raspberry Pi) running an open source operating system.

I use Linux

Both the command line and GUI.
Debian is my favourite flavour.
(I can use Windows too!)

I like servers

Game Servers, Web Servers, VPNs, Cloud Computing...
Using software like OpenSSH, Nginx, PostgreSQL...

Some tools I use

And more...


Mapping is one of my favourite hobbies. I am an Area Manager and map editor for the navigation app called Waze.


Main side project
Card image
Rooted: Mentoring web app

A responsive web app for CEF Ireland. Built using the Django web framework, Bootstrap and FontAwesome.

See a demo version

Please do contact me if you would like demo login credentials

Other projects

Slemish (Coming soon)

A new website in the works for Slemish bakery.

Trummery Swim School

A brand new website and email template, now delivered using AWS SES.

Ingress ENL NI

A new webiste for the local Ingress Enlightened community in Northern Ireland

Ingress EX05 ENL Store

A website built on the PresaShop platform for selling merchandise related to a game called Ingress, who held an event in Belfast in November 2017

Maisi Dashcam GPS Data Extractor

A script written in Python to extract GPS data from a video file recorded on a Maisi dashcam and export it in a friendly GPX format.

Townland Clipper

A script written in Python that manipulates open datasets containing Irish townland geometry for better usability.

Hosted web apps